My property inside of house previously rented


I replaced the boiler in during a previous tenancy (which was with family) and due to a major family breakdown, which I wont bore you with, my wife and I have moved on to a new property. It came as a bit of a shock to find the property we had moved out of is now up for sale (No for sale boards, just listed on Rightmove) - As we replaced the boiler and the oven/hob (not to fussed about the oven!) how do I go about reclaiming the monthly cost we are paying for the boiler? It was in excess of 3.5k and obviously the warranty and everything is still in my name, I haven’t transferred ownership as I haven’t been paid for it. Will this cause the seller or future buyer any problems ?? The previous boiler was in excess of 25 years old so would have been detrimental to the house price…

Hi Richard

Unless you had an agreement with your previous landlord you can’t reclaim costs. While replacing the boiler would have been landlords responsibility if you have chosen to do so they aren’t liable to reimburse you.

They dont need a warranty to sell the house although if still a long time left on it you could try to sell the paperwork to landlord as the warranty would have value. They will need the buildings regs gas safety certificate to sell house but it is easy to get a duplicate copy assuming it was all registered correctly.

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Having done that work and the boiler is not a portable item. you should have come to an agreement before you left . too late now


Depends if it’s on a green deal or finance arrangement. I bought a house last year and the purchase was delayed by a green deal/finance arrangement on the boiler - I couldn’t complete until their solicitor gave an undertaking that the balance would be paid off from the sale proceeds and the security lifted.