My tenant has been arrested - what now?

See below link. I am sure any criminal conviction should affect the credit score some how.

In any case when you meet the prospective tenant, you will be able to find out more by asking questions. If there is any gap in employment history. Check last six month or 1 year bank statements etc.

Speak to Previous landlord.

If you have even a little doubt do not rent as it is better to have property empty for few months than end up having to go to court and wait for six months or even a year before you get the possession and they may even do damage to property or make it expensive to renovate.

Everyone should watch program called “nightmare tenants” (see link below) to see how a landlords ends up by not doing proper checks or renting to someone recommended by a friend, office colleague or relative who does not know full history of the person they seem to know.

I had a similar incident a few years ago when a tenant rang me from the court to let me know he’d just received a custodial sentence. Luckily we were on good terms and he told me his brother would empty the house and deal with everything. If you have any contact details of next-of-kin or friends I would try to contact them or you can write to her in prison asking her what she’d like you to do with all her her stuff. Of course if she reads this forum she’ll know that legally, she could be really awkward, but I would expect she’ll try to come to some arrangement with you and be pleased that you are trying to help her. Hopefully the human approach will work better than the legal one. Good luck

Thats because there is a lot of these people out there, be careful Landlords

Problems is Rent guarantee premiums have gone thro the roof

Well your choice. Thousands or a couple of hundred. For me its a no brainer.