New apartment AST OpenRent contract - Do you recommend any additional items?

New apartment AST OpenRent standard contract - Do you recommend any additional items?

Professional cleaning
6mth inspections

I would include both also check your lease which may include clauses which prohibit drying clothes on the balcony etc and add it as an addendum.

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You cant insist on professional cleaning. Better to say to the same level of cleanliness as at start of tenancy with inventory confirming it is to a professional standard (assuming it is!)

I wouldnt be specific on 6 month inspections, for some tenants it’s better to do more frequently, not more than quarterly, whereas long term tenants that have shown they are responsible then annual may be sufficient but depends on property. Better just to say you will do regular inspections to ensure property is maintained.

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Oh i see
That makes sense

I will make sure i mindful for inspections.
Didnt think about that