Not putting second tenant on lease due to CCJ?

Just wondering if I can only put one name (lead tenant) of a couple on the lease due to their partner having a CCJ?

I have two prospective tenants who are a couple, but one (not the lead) has previous CCJs…they are not related to unpaid rent. Is it possible and normal to just exclude the one with CCJs and have the one lead tenant remain on the agreement with them taking the full responsibility?

Does the one tenant without CCJ have enough income to cover rent on her own?

I can’t see any advantage to not put both on the lease if you have decided to take them on (unless you want rent insurance) but quite a few problems.

Yeah, the one with CCJs wasn’t going to be contributing anyway as far as I understand. The lead tenant is the sole provider.

You could ask for a guarantor for the Ccj person

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