Notice after requesting repairs - Scotland

Hello, could someone advise me, please? Moved into property in Scotland on Private Residential contract. 3 days after moving in, became apparent (water through ceiling!) that repairs to roof which had been promised prior to moving in hadn’t been carried out. 2.5 mths later, and lots of stress, landlords have said via agency that they’ll serve notice on me in order to carry out repairs. Can they do this? Doesn’t appear to meet any of the 18 grounds for eviction tests - NB isn’t a refurb, it’s a repair, albeit pretty major - and I suspect they just don’t want to do the work properly! Everything is documented via the letting agency I’m using, clear that I haven’t done anything wrongly, and that landlords have been dragging heels (bigtime!). TIA.
PS: have paid all rent, despite property not being wind & watertight since I moved in.