One bedroom flat for international couple

Hello community,

My sister and her husband are planning to relocate to London from India by January 2023. She will start her Masters (LLM) at City Law School, London and her husband will accompany as a dependent. I understand they will require a UK guarantor for long term leases.

Can they rent short term (3-6 months) without a guarantor if they pay upfront? They can provide financial guarantee documents from India, will it work?

Thanks in advance!

Some landlords will certainly take rent up front. It will depend on what property they find and how the landlord looks as this proposition.

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Landlords would not be advised to consider a short term let as there is really no such thing. There are holiday lets for people genuinely on holiday; and then there are tenancies, which come with a minimum 6 month guaranteed period for a tenant and a circa 9 month eviction process if things go wrong.

Is her student income going to be enough to keep both of them and pay the rent?


Hi David,
Thank you for your response. They have evidence of financial support from our parents in India.

no this wont count, will need 12 month UK credit history with a guarantor from UK. If not will pay full rent upfront in most London and SE uni locations I know of, usually 12 months. 6 months renting is not an option in almost all places in London even with agents in their situation.