Openrent STA breakclause

I let a property in September 2019 for 36 months (the tenant wanted 60 months but 36 was the maximum allowed on the STA). He loved the property, was very excited about living there and has was making plans. He even asked if he could buy it but we couldn’t get close enough on price. Then out of the blue 4 months into the tenancy he gave us 2 months notice exercising the breakclause in the Openrent STA. I was aware of the clause but openrent recommended it so landlords can get unsuitable tenants out. We would never have let the property for 6 months, and wanted at least 24 months and we decorated throughout and fitted new carpets before the tenancy commenced. As you all know re-letting is a lot of work, and uncertain in the current circumstances.

I’ve got 2 properties now available to let and not sure what to do about this clause (if I can get a tenant). Do most landlords keep this clause in or remove it? Views -please.
Thank you

Delete the clause and tenants minimum 12 months. This will reduce your tenant turnover and rental downtime.

To late to do it for the current tenant, but lesson learned

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