Openrents RGI - What point to take it out

I am wanting to know at what point to take out the openrent RGI policy?

I see it offered to me at the referencing point which I went for comprehensive and all seems fine (Proceed with caution for no accommodation references due to first-time rental) will this void me from being able to take out RGI?

If I click to take it out now and read the terms it looks like I could be a bit early in taking it out as we are yet to do the contract signing and inventory etc.

Any help would be great.

I’d say get proper reference from the tenant/s. Get proper guarantor/s and reference the guarantors properly.

if you are certain the guarantors are solid, you may not need RGI. however if you afraid the tenants may default in the future and the guarantors would prove difficult to get anything from, then you want to protect yourself and business buy taking the insurance policy.

if you decide the take the policy, maybe you want to shop around and compare quotes. Usually some insurance brokers would be able to add the policy as part of the landlord insurance. Don’t forget to take legal cover which ever route you decided to take

Thank you, I already know I want to take it out and with openrent but my question is what point do I take it out along the openrent process.

my suggestion would be after you have signed your rental agreement, you know when the tenant will be moving in. That way you know when to set policy start date

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