Partial payment before move-in

Hello community!

We have a tenant moving-in soon who have asked if they can pay part of the initial money (deposit + first months rent) within 2 weeks of moving in. The outstanding balance is approx 35% of total due.

We want to help but only if the AST agreement remains legally binding. Are there any pitfalls/ watch outs we need to be aware of?

Thanks for your time reading this.

Payment after moving in ? Sounds like they dont have enogh money . BEWARE


Thanks @Colin3 for your perspective.

That would be very unusual. If they can’t afford it now it is unlikely to get better. If you want to go ahead anyway you need to be very sure of the reasons. Maybe better to suggest delaying the start of the tenancy. Did they pass referencing and affordability checks? Look at the evidence of income. Maybe ask for a guarantor. If money is tight but they have a guarantor that passes that might suffice.

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