Pay off my buy to let mortgage?

It is called ‘Residential finance costs not included in Loan interest and other financial costs’.
They then take 20% of what you put in there (mortgage interest costs) and take that off the total due.

If your rental income is, say £5,000 and your expenses, say £500 and mortgage interest £2,000…
You would put 5000 in income, 500 in expenses and 2000 in the interest box.

You would then pay tax on the profit before interest, so 5000-500=4500 at your marginal rate of tax (so 20/40/45 pc depending on other income) and then get a tax credit of 2000@20pc=£400 off your tax bill for the interest.

Thank you so much for your reply very helpful

Thanks so much Cath. I need to get it reassessed. Appreciate your time.