Place wanted Belper area

Hi All,
Not got a clue about renting property ideally looking for a place around the Belper area give or take 5 miles
Unfortunately after 30yrs of marriage the other half declares she wants a divorce​:face_with_symbols_over_mouth::clown_face::clown_face:. So looking for a place until I get fleeced emphasized text

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Why are you the one to go?

Children are involved so unfortunately they always side with the mother ! And she couldn’t afford to set up on her own

The one who wants to go is surely the one to take the appropriate steps. Nothing and no one would make me leave my own property on anothers whim. Fathers4justice may be a helpful website for you and perhaps there is a way to still parent together, otherwise I suggest you agree to put a shed in the garden for both to use 50/50.

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