Possession tenant still in property

Have a repossession on our property from 5th Jan for over a years non payment of rent.
Tenant still hasnt left and now claims to be in hospital, 3 weeks so far!
I dont believe she is in hospital, she was working full time in a busy cafe until xmas.
Am at whits end how do I get her out.
Have applied for bailiffs but that will take time, and can they oust her from a hospital bed !!
Not covid related , any suggestions please ??

Keep chasing the bailiffs. Is it noted on your possession order that the tenant is in more than 6 months arrears? That should get you more priority.

Yes, being in hospital will make it easier since you have to organise a locksmith to be there with the bailiff and they will just return the property to you with a new lock. You don’t let the tenant back in to collect their stuff, but you remove it asap.

Hi David, thanks for the info yes we have an exemption order in place lodged this week.
Dont you have to give tenant 2 weeks to remove property.
We will chase the huge debt through the courts.


You need to follow the terms of your tenancy agreement about disposing of the tenants possessions or in the absence of any clause, give reasonable notice, such as a month and keep reminding them. However, there is nothing to stop you removing the stuff and taking it to a place of safety. It will stop any temptation of the tenant to break back in to get their belongings.