Private Landlord - Merthyr Tydfil


I work within the Housing Solutions Team within Merthyr Council as Early Intervention and Prevention Officer.
I have been tasked with building relations with the private sector, the local authority recognises the importance of the private sector’s role in providing accommodation to people in housing need and unfortunately we do not have enough social housing in the area to help.

I am looking to develop a range a services and incentives to help support landlords, increase the supply of rented accommodation that is available to us and provide landlords with tenancies that will be sustained.

I am hoping to speak to landlords who have properties within the Merthyr borough and consult with them in what they would require to take some of our clients. I am hoping to try and change the perception that landlord have that every tenant that is referred from the homeless team is a problem – some people who present are only doing so due to relationship breakdown, a no fault section 21 notice, and due to affordability are unable to source private rent without assistance.

As the early intervention and prevention officer, I will be a single point of contact to offer advise and assistance to landlords and access specialist services to resolve tenancy related if they were to occur.

I am looking to create a directory of private landlord for the local authority to use (this will not be shared) in the hope to see if we can work with them to rehouse clients.

If this is something that you are interested in then please contact myself on or directly on here.

Many Thanks

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