Purchase BTL with a tenant already in

Hi All!

Could I ask if anyone can remind me what was the disadvantage about buying a property with tenant already in there?

I think there was something about if the previous landlord did not do things properly like giving a EPC or Gas certificate etc. the tenant can’t be kicked out even if you do all the required things?

my memory is a bit lost on this one and hope can hear some thoughts from you.


Have a look at this. 10 questions to ask when buying a tenanted property | Vesta Blog

Thanks. I think the extract below answers my question:

Was the tenancy set up correctly and the deposit protected?

You need to know if the tenant was served the prescribed information, details of the tenancy deposit scheme used to protect their deposit and also the “How to rent” guide and Right to Rent checks.

If the tenancy was not set up correctly from the beginning, it means you may not be able to serve a Section 21 notice and you would want to regularise the tenancy once you have taken it over.

That’s actually not a complete list, it should also include gas safety certificates from before the tenancy began, EPC and from Thursday an EICR report.