Re paint walls how do I get that in writing through this site?

My tenants are wanting to paint the walls in one of the rooms a different colour , I agree to do so as of there expense , how do I get that in writing and sign It

Hi Paul, do you mean that you have agreed that you will do the painting, but they will pay for the paint (and for your labour)?

Hi no they are paying for paint and they will be doing the painting , but in the contract it says they need to confirm with the landlord first do I need a written document for them to sign to say I have agreed for them to change the colour of the walls
Thanks Paul

Just write it on a letterheaded piece of paper and both sign . remember theymay paint it black!!!

I would suggest you both agree on a preferred colour. I once agreed to that without agreeing the colour. The Polish couple painted the walls canary yellow and a deep orange. That’s what the fashionable colours were in Poland at the time. Cost me
400 pounds to get it painted back to magnolia.