Removing a tenant from an AST

3 tenants in a property and one is now moving out. It happens to be at the end of a 2 year contract and we were planning to roll now rather than write up another. The couple want to stay in the property and cover the rent but obviously want the 3rd tenant removed.
Do I need a brand new contract for this or can it still roll? Is this something I will need to pay for or can I just download a doc and do it myself?

You could do a deed of assignment between all 3 current tenants and the 2 that wish to remain. The outgoing tenant will then lose all tenancy rights, so it should be signed by everyone, inc you, and independently witnessed, just before they leave. You will need to access a deed and some advice on using it. Are you an NRLA member? They have a template and a helpline, so if you’re not, I suggest you join.

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