Renewing a tenancy

Hello fellow landlords
My tenants are wishing to stay past the fixed term tenancy and I am wondering what’s the consensus on renewing. Which is best a periodic tenancy or arranging another fixed term tenancy and contract?
I am not intending to increase the rent even though the management fees have increased.
My other query is about safety checks etc it’s unlikely I can sort these whilst ‘lockdown’ is in effect has anyone else experienced this issue and/or can offer advice as to the best and safest way forward.
Carole ( 1st time landlord)

You should always do the boiler check… carefully…you can do a new contract or let it Roll Over… I have a few tenants who were on a six month tenancy 20 years ago I just let it roll over and they are still there ,still paying rent, it works for me

Hi Carole, on the issue of safety checks specifically, the current government guidance is to make all attempts to carry them out as usual.

Here’s our guide.


Hi Sam thanks for this.
I had thought a tenancy renewal (fixed term) might be the best way forward with assurances that each of us knew the others intentions. However my tenant prefers for it to become a periodic tenancy. I understand then that this means they only have to give me 1 months notice, does the same apply for me. Can I give them 1 months notice or am I am subject to the eviction process?

Landlord has to give two months notice in periodic

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