Rent arrears due to Council support ending

My tenant has been renting for just over 2 years but gets help from the Council who provided me with a financial incentive to ensure the tenant could rent from me.

Essentially the incentive is a payment to me making up the rental payment covering the amount the tenant cannot afford - i.e. she pays about 80% every month and the council pay me 20% in a lump once a year. The tenant gains other support from the Council.

The Council have ended the scheme by not renewing it on the anniversary (due to spending cuts I’m guessing). Therefore, the tenant is only paying their part of the rent and cannot afford the top up / full amount. Tenant is in a Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement but is now failing to make the full rental payment (one month and about to hit the second month and has stated that she wont be able to afford the full rent unless the Council support her).

I issued form 6A but believe this may be wrong and should now complete form 3A under a section 8?
Any advice welcome as this is slightly different circumstances than the ‘norm’

Have you read the detail of your contract with the Council? Can they just cut the support? If so, why did you go for this deal?

It sounds like you are going to need legal help to evict this tenant. I suggest you contact an eviction specialist.

you cannot trust the local councils they will say anything to solve THEIR problem and pass it to you

terrible. what part of country is this in?