Rent cap, plan to exit

Another nail in the coffin, tenants putting pressure on the govt for rent caps! heard of it?

I do think that it is ridiculous that a tenat canbe paying rent at say e g 1000£ amonth and be up to date but cannot get a mortgage for the same amount . It is not fair. Best way for rents to come down is for more houses to rent to be built ,more supply


Well it depends, my sister has rented 15 years but always says she wants to buy, she spends £1100 on rent each month so could easily cover a mortgage, EXCEPT she is snobby and refuses to go and live somewhere she can afford the mortgage for, she would rather rent in a posh area then complain about how the rent could have paid for a house than ever consider an area she can actually afford!

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we have all probably started of in a modest house then worked our way “onwards” £1100 a month is a lot of rent .PS there are some great shared ownership houses and deals around.

yes, the rent is high because posh area! she’s basically a snob and therefore has no house and no money! I wonder how many other people are in a similar situation. four miles from where she lives houses are one-third of the price of the area she is in.

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