Rent Increase period

If the contract stipulates that rent should increase every three years, the increase should occur at the beginning or at the end of the three-year period? If the rent began in April 2022, it would be due for an increase now or next year? thanks

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could you put the exact wording of the clause in your contract here?

Thanks for your reply contract states"with a rent increase of 5%every 3 years.

Sorry, but its important that you reproduce the exact clause word for word.

“with rent increase every 3 years”

I would take it as 3 full years at the original rent, increase to take effect at the beginning of the 4th ie. April 2025


That sounds like a bad deal for the LL, 5% over the last 3 years has no where near kept up with market rates and the increased expenses associated with letting a property.

I agree. A very bad term. Who thought of that? It was obviously thought of at a time of low inflation, without the forethought that the economy might change.

What would you do if inflation goes up again… or whilst unlikely…maybe higher… Hyper Inflation maybe… You need to get out of that contract asap.

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I knew about a similar case just before covid , my brother a lawyer had a client (tenant) who had a section 13 through the door even though the contract said 6% every 18months .
My brother basically said to the tenant housing law trumps a ast !

I think David is asking, as I was, for the entire paragraph that this extract is taken from. It doesn’t help that the first time you tried to quote it you included “5%” and the second time you didn’t. The exact wording of the phrase in context is important.

“With 5% rent increase every 5 years” I think the question is the interpretation of word every.

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“With” is not usually the start of a sentence!

That may be a later question. The current question is, “Will you please write down here the entire clause that the extract you keep quoting comes from?”

Otherwise we can’t even begin to help…