Rent unfair prices

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I hope everyone is doing well and staying safe, I live a 6 bed flat, Stratford, I pay 801£/month aprently with 20% discount for a room non ensuite with balcony, three flats mates moved out from two of them has ensuite and one with private garden, the ensuite ensuite with garder was going for 997£ monthly, someone moved in and pays 758£ with aprently 20%, is it fair ? So believe the second ensuite it’s the same price .
Can I do anything ?
I checked on the Gov

Price fixing

You must not discuss the prices you’re going to charge your customers with your competitors.

You’ll be breaking the law if you agree with another business:

  • to charge the same prices to your customers
  • to offer discounts or increase your prices at the same time
  • to charge the same fees to intermediaries, for example retailers selling your products
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Price fixing does not apply to rents as every property will be different, have a different outlook In a different state of attractiveness Etc. Price fixing mainly applies to products, A famous one regarding ready mixed concrete ( google)

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It’s the same property…

Still does not apply to rents

You can negotiate with your landlord, and if you don’t like the result of the negotiation - you can move on.

Simple, isn’t it? :wink: