Renting and moving into the UK with the dog

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I was advised to use open rent to find a place but I have several short comings. I am taking up a research job at QMUL (although for now is mainly remotely). I already managed to open a bank account and have a UK sim but I have no UK references. I have SA and italian references but I don’t know if they count (and my current landlord and estate agent won’t speak any english). On top of it my dog has to move as well. My biggest concern is that. What shall I do to get a pet friendly place? If other have any advise on renting pet friendly places and how to deal with renting from abroad or without UK references, I would really appreciate.


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Hi, I would have thought that QMUL have an accommodation office that helps 100’s of overseas students find somewhere to live every year. They should be able to help with many aspects of referencing. The dog may make it more difficult and you may have to pay an increased deposit but it should not be a barrier.