Renting while temping

Hi I am temping and have done on and off for most of my working life and while on the whole I enjoy it the one part I don’t enjoy is the appalling standard accommodation, including where I live now, I’ve had to live in over the years, not to mention the fact that it’s always been shared and to be honest I’d rather not go into the type of people I’ve shared with during that time but let’s put it this way it’s certainly been an eye-opener! It’s absolutely appalling that because I’m a temp I am discriminated against especially as, given the work I do, I work as a secretary/administrator, I can afford to pay for at least a studio flat especially where I live which is Birmingham! Also because I know temping can be sporadic I would make sure that I rented somewhere that’s covered by Universal Credit plus make sure I always have enough money saved.

The reason I’ve decided to investigate this on a more in-depth basis is because I’m not getting any younger and I’m fed up with sharing and living in substandard accommodation.

I’m completely estranged from my family so have nobody who can be a guarantor so is the only solution really just to offer 6 months rent in advance?!

And one final point, while I appreciate getting a permanent job would help believe it’s not from want of trying unfortunately I don’t interview well and getting a temp job is usually easier and quicker!