Renting with CCJs

I get 100% what you’re saying and if it was just me making the decision, I’d probably hold off, but it’s a case of regardless of what way the property market is heading (and let’s be honest, nobody knows with any great deal of certainty), our current house is no longer suitable for us. Yes, we could stay here for another two years and wait til ccjs are gone, but by then we could be in a very different market, where even if house prices have continued to rise, it could take much longer to find a buyer.

of course landlords are in it for the money , If we did not make any money we would not do it Workers in the NHS are in it to make money otherwise they would not do it, I sell insulation to make money. Everyone is in a job to make money. This landlords blog is full of landlords who trusted someone and got their fingers burnt


I would lead with the fact that you have a secure job and try to explain the ccj later at the viewing so noone makes preconceived notions about you before you even had the chance to explain it.


How did you get my email and why. Are you sending me abusive messages. Next time I will ring the police. I don’t know you. How dare you… M

Excuse me??..what are you talking about…I responded on the forum. I get email notifications of new posts on the forum that I ve commented on so it is possible that Open rent send the responses directly to those who commented . Best ask the Open Rent how this wiorks. Your comment is uncalled for


So Skeeter,
Small landlords are normal people with normal jobs. They’ve worked hard to purchase maybe one property and don’t want to risk spending £10000 on getting a bad tenant out.

The fact that you got a ccj for unpaid rent would be a hard pass for me irrespective of if it was 2 years or 10 years ago. Shows you’re not reliable with rent unfortunately.

Blame the government who has limited the deposit to a ridiculous 5 weeks’ rent and it’s virtually impossible to evict people and recover all monies owed. That’s why landlords don’t accept risky tenants.


You sound very upset.
I’m really sorry if you’ve suffered domestic violence.
Nobody on here is abusing you, we are trying to make suggestions so we can help.

Life is hard, and lots of us have experienced financial difficulties. So it’s good to share ideas and see what we can do. There’s always something you can do :slight_smile:

I’ve found it’s always best to be 100% honest. Even if the truth isn’t very pretty.
Some years ago I got badly hurt by the NHS and I spent 3 years in hospital. Obviously I couldn’t work and couldn’t earn, it was horrible.
I needed to get my life back, so I told people what had happened, gave evidence, showed them the truth. And I showed them what I was doing, to help myself.

I was offered lots of properties to rent, even with CCJs. The CCJs were not my fault, they were caused by the NHS, by someone else’s behaviour.

Some Landlords gave me a chance!! There’s always someone who will help you, if you keep going. And I got back on my feet and am very strong now.

So tell the truth. Be nice. Be honest. And trust.
Be kind to others too, because you never know who you’re talking to, or what they’ve been through.


easy to see why some tenants cannot get a place Touchy, abusive, chip on shoulder


We got a ‘no’ from two further properties today. One we had asked the letting agents on the phone about our CCJ’s and they said it shouldn’t be a problem if we can prove they’re paid. Turned into a ‘no letting agent will rent you a house’ when we got there, so just completely wasted our time.

The second was understandable. Moving overseas, needs insurance and insurance company won’t cover tenant with ccjs.

Got two more viewings arranged this week and might just give up if these two don’t work out.

Hi I’ve told the truth. I’ve nothing to hide. I’ve not been nasty. And I’m not ashamed by having a satisfied ccj. What does upset me is when people like ewa who ever she is makes nasty judgemental abusive comments like she has. I’m sorry you have suffered from NHS. But people on this forum do not need to be NASTY.AND I’M SORRY BUT THIS PERSON CALLED EWA WAS NOT NICE.

Hi you tell this ewa this not me… As she knows nothing about what I have been through. Don’t tell me tell her.

@Skeeter please can you start your own thread and stop trashing mine with your rude comments?


How do we report inappropriate comments on this board? I can’t see a button for that.
Life is too short to spend any time at all on badly moderated social media where a sensible conversation can be ruined by rudeness and pointless complaints.

Three dots below the comment, then the flag. I’ve flagged a couple of his comments but only one was hidden so …

I really feel for you, can you get a guarantor. The problem is that landlords do need to protect their assets, often their only source of main income. I’m afraid trust is in short supply for very often good reason.


If you had sweated and worked hard paying out thousands for a house would you want to take risks or let it for less than the going rate which is fair? I think not. Put yourself in the other persons place and be honest with yoursef.


Bringing the topic back on track, we have been offered a house by a private landlord. The house does need decorating top to bottom and given the rent being charged is not ideal but it’s a roof over our heads allowing us to sell our house so happy with that.


Hi Skeeter,

I’m a little confused why your so upset with Ewa, I’ve read her posts and she seems quite understanding. She has even taken on a tenant with ccjs.


Hi Gareth,

I’m glad your at last settled. Good luck for the future.