Repair responsibility

If a property owner is gifting the rent to a 3rd party, can you please advise who is liable to pay for the repairs? The owner or the person receiving the rent. Thank you.

Its in the owners interest to get their house repaired, not the person receiving a gift of money.

The landlord also retains all the legal responsibilities to the tenant for repairs and health and safety.

What is the arrangement with the person to whom the money is gifted? Is this an unconditional gift of just the cash or is there some sort of contractual relationship?

Thank you for your reply David.
The property is held within a Trust with rent being paid to one of the trustees as per conditions of a will. There is no mention in the will regarding payment for repairs, which the rent recipient is being billed for.
Hope this makes sense.

The trustee is responsible for maintenance for property held in trust. The rent would be paid into the trust with maintenance requirements deducted from that rent and then available income can be distributed to the trusts beneficiaries.

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Thank you, you’ve answered my query.