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Hi Scott4,

I simpervise with you. I had a tenant fail referencing, then not one, but two guarantors for the same tenant. Robust screening questions are our only defence against such events.



I would have given up after the first guarrantor failed

I agree, I can be a bit nieve at times. Not a good trait in our business, or any for that matter

my experience ,and I must have asked questions of about 150 applicants in the last 3 years, is that more than two thirds will blag you so I assume most are not telling me everything. until I find out otherwise. If I am not 99% satisfied I will not give a viewing or divulge my phone number

yes anne, every year successive goverments heap more and more regulations on landlords and its hard to be fully up to speed on all legislation unless you devote much time to it. when osborne added 3% stamp duty we stopped buying, with the imminent withdrawal of section 21 notice we have started selling. it can cost many £1,000’s to evict a bad tenant using section 8 during which time bad tenants can upset other tenants if you own a few flats together. no i think, like you, all rentals will either come under big landlords or housing associations in the future. the retired lady renting the bungalow she has vacated is a thing of the past. also if you do get real problems agents often sidestep the confrontation and let the landlord deal with it. its a pity as the rental supply from private landlords appear to be shrinking and paradoxically the rents then go up. goverments never seem to “get” this


Do you use the application form and documents gathered even for viewing request?

I like the idea.


No, only when someone wants the house but we do speak to potential viewers beforehand and obtain some background information. Open Rent’s screening gets them to confirm no smoking, pets, employed etc and finds out their monthly income. We ask where they work, where they currently live and why looking in this area and what else have they looked at. At that stage if we’re happy they are genuine we offer a viewing.
Out of 14 enquiries (in six days) on our current advert we only offered 7 viewings; two no shows (one of which messaged to say he was ill) and three of the five have filled in application forms, two of which have already supplied bank statements.
Hope this helps.

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Hi Fraser1, do many prospective tenants give you a copy of a credit report? Does this get around landlords not being able to charge tenants fees? I’ve never thought about asking them to provide one as I’ve always just had it done as part of my referencing process. Do you still get a credit report done yourself or just rely on the one they provide if it is up to date?