Section 8 tenant refusing to cooperate

Is there anybody who can advise.
would it be a good idea to advise my tenant to go to citizens advice bureau or the job centre as evidence that i have tried to help as much as possible IF we have to go to court , I can only send emails or a letter as he will not speak to me or answer my phone calls . I would really appreciate any advice

Advise CAB or Shelter.

yes thank you Ive sent him that info.David we think he may just go , but at what point can you go in the property ?

If you think he’s gone then put a note through the door giving 24 hours notice of inspection. You can use your own keys to gain entry, but withdraw if he is there and refuses access. Take plent of pics and gather evidence of abandonment. If it ‘passes the threshold’ you could re-take possession, but it is not completely risk free.
Have a look at this first. How can you determine if a tenant has left a rental property for good? - YouTube

thanks David
now theres water leaking into the downstairs shop

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