Signing a new tenant without vacant possession

I have a property that I’m renting and have given notice to the current tenant which means that they should leave the property at the end of August.

I have a new tenant that wants to sign a contract, can I sign a contract with him before I have vacant possession


You have to be joking .Tie yourself to a contract before the tenant moves out… If they do not move you are stitched up and will have to pay compensation

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Thanks … that’s what I was worried about … But how do I give my new tenant some comfort? By signing an agreement subject to vacant possession? otherwise my new tenant has no comfort

many thanks

you can only say you will sign when the old tenant has left


Its not advisable to advertise the property until you know its vacant. There is nothing you can do for this prospective tenant at this point other than tell him youll offer first refusal once the current tenant has left.