Speak on my daughter's behalf

Hi all

My daughter (and her 2 friends) have a tricky landlord at University (private second year house) who is not really behaving respectfully and can be very forthright when speaking to them.

Is my daughter allowed to elect someone to speak on her behalf (eg me, her Dad)? I know this sounds overprotective but I have rented for many years and get the feeling that the relationship between landlord and tenant(s) is being pushed too far.

Many thanks


When my daughters employer was “inapropiate” I went around to “see” him ,that stopped it, especially when his wife got to know

The landlord is not obliged to deal with anyone other than the tenants and may refuse. Worth a try though.

I am asuming you mean in a manner that has nothing to do with renting ,but of a suggestive nature?

No, just rude and threats for extra costs and loosing deposit etc.

Rude is bad enough . I have a neighbour like that . . No one should have to put up with it .

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