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Telephone number limitations

HI I am A Canadian Retiree I am trying to find a ROOM in the Southern half of England. I have 2 Problems of concern 1/ MY telephone number is NOT A UK number. And begins with a 1 ( US CANADA COUNTRY CODE) ANd 10 Digits . It is NOT accepted when I complete UK forms online YEt The Number is a REQUIREMENT. WHY is it the UK Forms INSIST ON UK ONLY PHONE NUMBERS. It can No longer be because of COST as MY Phone plan is 5 Cents / minute to England ANd Australia, Free Continent wide I remember when It was $5 per minute from Canada to England With reverse costs of 3 UK pounds. when 10 shillings per hour was a good wage in England. Its time for England to remember its NOT alone on this Planet in fact most of it may be the first to submerge in this century.
2/ MY Credit reference Is NOT recognized in the UK. Well this is a world wide issue its time for that to change . its A financial recognition. of a persons trust factor. ANd should be OPEN World Wide.

Hi Peter,

Unfortunately we do require a verified UK phone number to register on the OpenRent site.

In the past, tenants have set up a UK number, or have found a trusted friend or family member whose mobile/landline number they can use.

With regards to the referencing, our referencing partners can reference overseas tenants, although the applicants do need to have been resident in the UK for at least 6 months for a credit search to be carried out as part of the reference. We provide more information here:

Kind regards,