Tenant vs Landlord notice

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I’ve got 2 queries which bother me a lot.
hope you can help.

For example
If my landlord gives me a notice(my contract is now contractual periodic tenancy, so usually 2 months) can I give him my notice if I wan to leave the property earlier? Does he need to accept it?

In my contract it says that my notice should be at least one calendar month in length.
How to count those days? Treat it as 4 working weeks or 31 days?
My contract is from 15th to 14th each month.
If I give my notice where does it start? from the day I send it to the landlord or does it need to start from 15th to 14th?
If it starts from the day I gave my notice and then if it overlaps the next 15th to 14th period do I need to pay in full for the whole month or only for the time that will make it 1 full month, for example notice given on 20th, 1 month notice should end on 19th next month(???). So does it mean that for the next month I need to pay only for days from 15th to 19th? Or should I pay in full for the next month and my landlord should refund me the overpaid period as soon as he receives the keys for the property?
In my contract I’ve found something saying the following:
Refund any rent you have paid which relates to a rental period which starts after the tenancy ends.

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Yes. The landlord usually needs to give two months’ notice minimum. The tenant needs to give just one month’s notice. Therefore, if the landlord serves notice, then you could immediately sevre your notice to them if you wanted to. Notice doesn’t need to be accepted for it to be effective. I.e. if you served it validly, then when it expires, if you have moved out and stopped paying rent, then the tenancy will be terminated.

A calendar month is exacty that; that from the xth of one month to the x-1 of the next month. E.g. the 15th June to the 14th July is one calendar month. Not all calendar months are the same length because calendar months are different lenghts.

In a periodic tenancy, your notice must expire on the first or last day of the period. This means your question about overlapping and paying for part of a month is not relevant.

More info here.