Tenants in-situ, letting agents query

I am in the process of purchasing a 4 bed property, with 4 tenants in-situ. The estate agent is also the management/letting agent.

Am I under any legal obligation to use the management company upon completion? If I choose not to, are they able to retain the tenants and move them elsewhere?


You have no contract with the agent, if you want tenants you can have them and not use the agent providing you don’t sign anything that contradicts this.

I would certainly want to know everything about any tenant who’s potentially staying. Make sure you do.
They need full referencing and all the usual checks. Do this before exchanging contracts, you don’t want to find out they are bad tenants and then be stuck with them.

If you don’t want them, make sure they are gone before exchanging.

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Thank you Mark. The tenancy agreements, subject to vetting, will transfer into my ownership / management then.

Thanks again.

I bought a property 30 years ago with a sitting tenant . He is still with me , works a treat

This requires cooperation of agent.

Get solicitor to query and agree terms.

And do FULL due diligence on both the property and the tenancy.