Ukrainian family is looking to rent in Manchester

Hi guys and girls!

We are cool Ukrainian family of 4 (a couple and 2 great kids) coming to Manchester on the 3rd of June. Unfortunately our friend can’t accomodate us as was planned but ready to act as a guarantor.

We are looking for place to stay at a market price and deposit but being “fresh off the boat” with no jobs yet has its downsides with the agencies :frowning:

Any place in Greater Manchester with any lease term will do (even a week), will appreciate any practical info / help. If you know somebody with property, that would qualify for a pint or two! :slight_smile: Hotels are pricy and street is so cold :frowning:

P.S. I am an investment analyst with MBA and no criminal records and my wife is a stockmarket professional - also law obidient citizen :slight_smile: We are nice people and reliable tenants. Both are English speakers so there will be no communication problems with us.