Who’s responsibility

Can anyone tell me who’s responsible for carpets coming away from grippers in doorways landlords or new tenants on take over?

easy fix for a landlord to stop the carpet fraying

Landlords responsibility

Thanks, agent is doing nothing!!! Worried as we are an elderly couple bringing up our twin grandsons who have autism and lots of mobility issues.
Thanks again.

understood .maybe a carpet fitter will sort it for you

This is a hazard especially if the grandsons are very young they are likely to be running around in their bare feet they could very easily cut their feet on the grippers.
Write to the agent and express your concerns and give him 2 weeks to complete the work, should this not be completed inform him you will have the work completed and claim the cost back from him and failure to pay will be taken through the county court, I am sure you will win your cost back plus expenses.
Be sure you send your letter recorded delivery and keep all documents relating to the problem.

Thanks Tony
After the support I’ve received from Openrent people I will stand my ground and insist as you’ve advised. My boys are nearly 13 but mentally only 5 so I will be careful to watch them. We’re not far from our 70’s so can ill afford the boys getting injured!!
Thanks again