Why does my ad keep getting rejected?

Hi All,

I have a property where the current tenant of 7 years is leaving and I am looking to rent the property through OpenRent. However, When I have tried to publish the ad it keeps getting rejected for security reasons which I would understand, whatever I have uploaded keeps getting rejected (council tax, passport and insurance cert). The property is not in my name as it is purchased in a company name but I am the ultimate owner. I am happy to issue the land registry but I think this will get declined too.

Has anyone had any experience of how to get around this?

Thank you :slight_smile:

Email openrent. They are good at responding and can comment on your exact error message if you advise them.

Thanks for the reply, I have been back and forward with openrent on emails and cant seem to get a straight forward answer…

In that case sorry can’t help….I haven’t had an issue myself, just had to upload proof of ownership, I uploaded solicitor completion letter (property in my personal name)

Ah thanks Mark, that is probably why you didn’t have any issues. Thanks :slight_smile:

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