Will you accept housing benefit please sir has myself martin n my partner max r both disabled

Will u please accept housing benefit has myself martin n max r both disabled and unable to work

Who is this directed to?

Dear sir myself martin jowitt and my partner max atkinson are both classed as disabled so we cant work would you please consider the fact sir we both get full housing benefits which we would have paid directly to yourself yours very sincerely martin and max thankyou

Dear colin sir the question about housing benefit was to the relevant person sorry I dont know who deals with such questions I know realise colin sir it’s you thanks martin jowitt and partner max atkinson

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Martin, this is an open forum used by tens of thousands of landlords and tenants. You need go say more about why you are posting on the forum.

Sorry I’m new to this just had a bereavement not at my best today appologies

Hi Martin,

We’re really sorry to hear about your recent loss.

You can look for properties in your preferred area by following this link https://www.openrent.co.uk/