2 bed house required

Landlords – I am a disabled person looking to rent a property with two bedrooms in the Cheshunt, Broxbourne, Cuffley area. Due to my disability, I am now unable to be in work.

I have lived in my current house for 11 years, but now find that my current home is becoming a struggle for me and I need to find somewhere more suitable for me to live.

Due to my condition, I have my daughter live in carer who will be moving with me. There would be no requirements for any changes to be made to the property. I have always had my rent paid in good time, and have had no issues with neighbours or my current landlord.

If you have a two-bed property that you are willing to rent out to me please can you contact me to discuss my situation and any possible offers. On DHSS

I thank you in advance for your kind consideration of my request.
Have been asked for more info thanks

1 the stairs leading to the flat are very steep
2 my daughter lives with me in a 1 bedroom flat i have the sofa
3 we had a dog for many years there and when he died the
landlord said no more dogs
thats why we need a 2 bedroom house so we can have a garden
anything else anyone wants to ask fire away

Sorry I’m the wrong area to help however you say no changes are needed.
Perhaps you could explain what it is about your current property that is making it a struggle for you so as to make your search a bit clearer.

thankyou Lynn for the info i have now updated this add thanks for the info

You’re welcome, I too have disabilities so I do understand, hopefully somewhere suitable comes your way soon.