29th February and leap year issues

I am doing a new contract starting on 29th October and I want a break clause for the landlord to give 4 months notice (to terminate on month 6). 4 months would fall on 29th February 2022, but as February 2022 is not a leap year, should I put down 28th February (would that count as notice being a day short), or should it be 01 March? if the latter, 6 months would dall on 29th April, is that not 2 months notice?

Anyone with legal knowledge, relevant advice, or experience is welcome. Thank you in advance to anyone that can help :smiley:

Just do a six month fixed term instead. This would roll over onto a periodic tenancy thereafter and have the same effect, but be much cleaner.

Break clauses are notoriously difficult to get right and most that I’ve seen are unenforceable by the landlord.

Thank you David.
This a great help