3 bed house wanted in Tiverton/Taunton area

Hi all, I am a first time poster on openrent so I apologise if this is in the wrong place.

We are in a bit of a desperate situation and need to find a 3 bedroom house to rent in the Tiverton or Taunton area, also open to surrounding villages.

About us - we are a family of 2 working adults, 2 primary school aged children and one very well behaved, house trained dog. We are relocating back to the UK from Ireland for work purposes. Both of us work from home with a requirement from the 1st of November to go into our Tiverton and Taunton offices. We had a property lined up but the landlord contacted us at the weekend and said he has decided to sell his soon to be vacant property rather than rent it out again.

We can provide excellent references, are willing to pay a deposit and 3 months rent up front. Please contact me if you have anything that matches our needs.

Best wishes.