Abandonment? Or not?

I issued a section 21
No court date as yet, it’s in the hands of my insurance company.
Tenant has been seen moving out.
Tenant claims to be moving possession into storage in anticipation of an eviction.
I know tenant has moved into a local housing association property.
Tenant now in arrears.
Tenant not responding to texts to either pay rent or give keys up.
I did an inspection a couple of weeks ago and the property was virtually empty apart from a couple of bed frames and a few bags of possessions.
I received a council tax bill, obviously the tenant informed them that she has moved out, I’ve contacted them saying she still has control of the property and has belongings in it.
How do I get possession of the property when she is refusing to give keys back.
She seems adamant that I still have to take her to court and seems happy to acquire debt.
Any advice appreciated

You should check with your insurer/legal advisor, but if you have good evidence that her permanent address is now elsewhere, then you can serve her with a common law Notice to Quit. This is usually one months notice and when it expires you can simply re-take possession. If she moved back into your property it would defeat the notice, but theres a good chance she wont.

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