Activating a Break Clause as a Landlord

Hi, does anyone have experience of activating the break clause? I have a 12 month AST agreement in place and my tenants have informed me they can no longer afford the rent (one of them has had to stop work due to ill health). They don’t want to sign a deed of surrender as it will make them intentionally homeless and then they cannot get council housing. They are approaching month 4 of their tenancy. I’m thinking that rather than eviction I can activate the break clause which means they will have to leave after 6 months and I will agree a reduced rent with them until then to minimise my losses and allow them to search for a more affordable property.

I found a flow chart on Open rent which suggested this is an option for me but not details on how to activate the break clause. Hence looking for any experience in this?


Looking for flat to rent can you help thanks

Hi Helen,

You can activate the break clause by providing two months written notice. Section 11 of the contract goes into further detail here.

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