Additional tenant occupancy

Hi, current 1 bed Glasgow flat is let to one tenant. I suspect a second person is also now living with tenant in flat. On the basis that I am happy for second person to share flat understand that the Tenancy Agreement must be revised to include 2nd ‘Tenant’, can I also increase rent to account for additional wear and tear? Any other considerations / advice appreciated for these circumstances pls.

You can ask for an increase in the rent and they can choose to agree. If it went to appeal/court I’m not sure that having a second tenant would be seen as a legitimate reason to increase.

If the rental rates in the area have increased, then increasing it to current market rate should be fine.

(However I’m speaking from England not sure if Scotland has different rules)

I am not sure of the law in Scotland, but in England you don’t have to have all occupants on hhe tenancy agreement, although it’s wise to check any insurance or mortgage conditions first. You could simply speak to the tenant about this and give your consent to this person being a permitted occupier. That way if their relationship breaks up, your tenant doesnt lose their home as the permission can just be withdrawn. The friend will not acquire any rights over the property if you don’t accept any rent from them, although you will still have to do Right to Rent check on them.