Advance payment being claimed as deposit even though deposit already paid

We paid rent 2 months in advance plus deposit. We have stayed the 1st month and we promised to pay rent in advance for the next 10 months left of our contract. The landlord mow sends us threatening messages that our rent is in arrears? How come because we have just completed our 1st month and we paid 2 months in advance. He now says the other rent the other month is a holding deposit for the landlord incase we miss a payment in 11 months? He said the actual deposit went into the deposit scheme. And the other month payment will be for him and he will review this payment after 11 months. What is rent in advance? Is it allowed for the landlord to also claim our rental money as another deposit. They never mentioned we has to pay double deposit rather deposit and 2 months upfront. What is our Rights?

The landlord has made a big mistake and the month in hand that he is holding would likely be considered an unprotected deposit by a court. You could let him know this and ask him to use that money for your second month or you could just do as he asks and if you wish claim a penalty payment of 3x the amount at the end of the tenancy.

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