Amending an assured tenancy to remove one tenant


We have recently created an AST through openrent with a couple, commenced on the 15th Feb 2021. They have now broken up and want to have one of the parties removed from the tenancy is it possible to have the tenancy agreement amended or would it need to be terminated and a new AST drawn up.

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Terminated with a signed deed from both parties and start everything again.

Are you sure this is in your interest? Can the remaining tenant afford the full rent? Some landlords prefer to leave the tenancy running with both parties so that both remain liable for the rent if one defaults

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You can easily amend the tenancy contract on OpenRent. Just follow instructions once you log in.

You can’t amend a contract that’s already in force. You can both agree to terminate it and sign a new one, but you can’t just amend the text of one that is running.


Hi Ranu, You do not have to agree for a tenant ro be removed from the AST. You should make sure that the rent would be affordable for the remaining tenent, and you will need to issue a new Tenancy. Hope this helps.

Helen15 and David122 are correct