Asking for proof of earnings before viewing

I agree with this approach Colin3. It has worked for me for 20 yrs.


Hi Sonia2,
I am a landlord in HW too.
Would not mind chatting about our patch, difficulties, what works, what does not.
Contact me if you wish.


Had 55 enquiries on my property out of those probably rejected 80% as they have not responded to the simple questions I have asked them. I had one couple put a holding deposit down on the house only to take it off when I asked them to send me the last 3 months bank statements. They did send me the previous nine months which looked ok. However if I can’t have up to date info it tells a story in its self. I personally would only ask for bank statements when you have someone who you think is a potential tenant.

Good look


20 years experience -London market says;
At least 50% fail to turn up,or, are 45 minutes late because they made no effort to establish where your flat actually was-or needed to be!

Dismiss anyone claiming an “invasion of privacy” when you ask for documents-remember your data protection law though

Once you have got through this" conditioning" process you can look forward to dealing with the " Osborne" legacy

Happy letting!



totally agree you have to be thick skinned, lots of idiots out there and lots of great people. Go with your first gut feeling

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Totally agree. You need to sift out the timewasters. Ask lots of questions but not an application form until after they have viewed.


Thanks John, that would be good. I’ll contact you next week for a chat :slight_smile:

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Thanks, we asked some of those questions when finding our current tenants, who are from South Africa, however we had a lot of people before them who seemed ideal but when they came to view asked if they could avoid checks and referencing and move straight in.

"can you not check up on me and I move straight in " These people must think we were born yesterday!

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If you are getting no viewings - try accepting all viewings and after meeting them, then choose the one you think seems good to reference.
Waste some of your time meeting applicants, balanced against wasting your time on applicants who are viewing several properties and may choose another.

Many Tenants may fear that you are a scam landlord if you ask for Bank Statements before they view the place !
[ I would - and I am a Landlord. ]
Plus when they see your place, they may decide its not for them - so why give you confidential info before.
Most of my viewers are looking at 3 or more places that week.
Good Luck!

Like the nice young man who wanted to rent my flat “cos it’s got a loft” and offered to pay 2 year’s rent up front. Obviously an excellent prospect…

PS @John39 and @Sonia2 That flat is in HW…

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I’m a new open rent landlord and my property has been advertised for 2 weeks. 1 viewing which proceeded to a £20 failed reference check, despite assurances from the potential tenant that a credit check would be fine. I took advise from a landlord who had used open rent previously and followed his guidelines with a questionnaire.
Yes I’ve had enquiries, however none seem to want to answer some or all of the basic questions. I don’t however ask for bank statements, that can come after referencing. I do though ask though how much they earn, who will be renting and the reason for the move. Where they work, etc etc. I also remind them
of my criteria as most don’t seem to thoroughly read the advert. Despite being despondent I still agree that it is a waste of everyone’s time carrying out viewings without basic qualification- especially if a tenant is still in situ which will just annoy them being disturbed constantly. An empty property is still better than a tenant who doesn’t pay and without access back to your property.
It’s been an eye opener for me who has previously used an agent (8 years previously) and I guess this is what they sift through before finding you the tenant that suits. I may go back to this if I don’t have any luck soon.
I expected an influx of enquiries (and was prepared for only a small percentage to be quality) but the lack of enquires is concerning. Lovely property refurbished good area. ???

I hope some of you may find this useful. This is what I expect prospective tenants to answer before I arrange a viewing:

Pre-Tenancy Questionnaire.
Today’s date:

  1. What is your full name?
  2. Date of Birth?
  3. Nationality, what type of ID documents do you have Passport etc?
  4. Why are you moving?
  5. How long have you been in your last place?
  6. How much do you currently pay for rent?
  7. When do you plan on moving in?
  8. How long do you require the property for?
  9. Where do you work?
  10. How long have you been working there?
  11. What is your monthly income?
  12. Will you have the Security Deposit and First Month’s Rent available upon move- In?
  13. How many people will be living in the apartment?
  14. Can You Provide references from your employer and Former Landlord?
  15. Will you sign and consent to a credit and background check?
  16. Can you provide a guarantor?
  17. Have You Ever Been Evicted?
  18. Do you have any CCJ’s bad debt – criminal convictions?
  19. Do you have any pets?
  20. Do you smoke?
  21. Email address?
  22. Phone numbers?
  23. Facebook account or another social media account?
  24. Where did you see the property advertised?
  25. Do You Have Any Questions?

After viewing if all well a formal application and all references/docs validated. Then decide once you have all the facts.


I bypass a lot of the q&a’s and block out a time to do multiple viewings in 15minute slots. I’ll line up 4-5 prospects, text them 1hr before I get there to confirm viewing time, and see what they are all about in person. This works well for me and saves me time on the back and forth.

Thank you very much for sharing this.
Very helpful.

Hi, I agree with Colin3