Arranging viewings

Hi, im about to rent out my first flat. Its advertised online and my point of contact is email and a number set up only to take calls for the advert. Would i be out of order asking for name and references before arranging the viewing, as i will have to drive 25 miles to get to the property. If i get the details prior to viewing, i know they are serious about the flat.

do block viewings and tell them the more info they bring along first, then the better their chances will be

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Great that makes perfect sense, thankyou

always worth telling them WHAT info you require, phot id references etc

Was 1 employment reference, 1 reference from current/ previous landord, photo id. This all i need i think.??ive looked into everything, the building side of things im confident with because of my work, but a bit shaky on this bit? Is there anything else you can suggest?

proof of income . I always ask Where do you work? Do you have any pets? Do you have a guarrantor? Have you rented before? Who is your current landlord ? Do you have any CCJ S? You can ask whatever questions that you need respectfully

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Have taken all on board…Thanks so much for your help. This app seems seems very handy, im sure ill be back very soon

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