AST Notice period after tenancy expires

Hey everyone,
I just wanted some advice as I have been living at my current property for the last 2 years on two years tenancy agreement which is expiring on 10th September and I understand after AST expired it will automatically change to Monthly rollover contract/periodic tenancy.
Today 28th August 2020 I received a renewal Tenancy proposed email from open rent with increase rent for 12 months with 4 months break clause. It was shocking for me neither the landlord nor Open rent serves Notice of Rent Increase.
My questions are

  1. How much notice should the landlord have to produce to the tenant for Rent Increase?
  2. Can I refuse to increase rent and serve him one-month notice on 10th September or shall I send notice today which will be one-month 10 days’ notice

Why I thinking one month Notice because it says in AST
" 11.2 If the tenancy has lapsed into a periodic tenancy it may be terminated by:

  • the Landlord serving the Tenant at least two months notice in writing under Section 21(4)(a) of the Housing Act 1988 (as amended) and expiring on the last day of a period of the tenancy.
  • the Tenant giving written notice of at least one month and expiring on the last day of a period of the tenancy."
  1. If I don’t sign a new contract, does my old contract automatically changes Periodic Tenancy after 10th September, and based on this I can give one Month notice and pay agreed rent as per old contract.
  2. Can he force me to vacate the property on 10th September, if I don’t sign a new contract?

There is no damage is done to the property and all rent paid on time.

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The new contract is the LL saying he wants to increase rent. If you don’t agree to a new contract he would need to notify you separately. In answer to your questions

  1. 1 months notice.
    2.yes, doesn’t matter
  2. Yes
  3. No

Sorry. Should be

3 yes
4 no

Under normal circumstances, the LL would likely serve notice on 10th Sept or earlier if the new tenancy is not agreed to and he/she is confident of getting a new tenant. However, under the current government rules, notice cannot be given until after 20th Sept. My view is that a good LL would not be trying to squeeze a good tenant - especially right now.

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