Awkward tenant situation. Advice please

Businesses comprise of citizens. You could have a 1 man business. Not all businesses are profitable. Last time I checked anyone can have a solicitor.


Wow I wish I had you as a landlord. I am battling cancer and am awaiting 2 surgery’s and still my current landlords saw fit to send me a section 21 so I could now find myself and my son homeless.
If both you tenants applied as workers then one leaves the one that’s needed brain surgery will be claiming benefits for not being able to work.
I know this as it’s what’s making life hell I’m penalised for having breast cancer.
Ask to see paper work confirming her operation trust me she should have one.
The student could be moving in to help her if she can’t produce a doctors or hospital letter then it’s a total scam and you are definitely with in your rights to ask them to leave. If you don’t want to be harsh you can also ask them to leave after 6 months.
It’s amazing what I’ve learnt from trying to find a property