HELP PLS - Unbearable cohabitation with cotenants

Hey there,

I engaged in a 12 months AST with friends who are a couple on Dec 20.

As recently as last week it has all come to a head and the couple have taken a firm and negative stance towards my presence in the Flat.

I feel extremely unwelcome, I fear for my health and wellbeing due to the toxic environment they’ve orchestrated and fear for my personal property e.g. car, TV etc. and by extension the property itself.

I’ve reached out to the landlord explaining my position and his solution is that I engage in the mutual break clause at the end of this month to then give formal notice to leave June 20th (6 month break clause, available to initiate in 4 months)

I’ve already lost sleep, my guests feel unwelcome, and I’m being chastised on everything I do, it’s a complete no-win scenario.

Do I have any recourse in order to vacate sooner given the grounds that this is extremely detrimental to my health to be forced to cohabit a living space with people who make the atmosphere so negative and uninviting?

If there isn’t any recourse and I do have to gut out 3 months of arduous negative space, what are my options and rights when it comes to my cotenants taking umbrage with things such as having a guest stay over in order to give me some form of good company during this dark time.

Please help,

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We are in lockdown
Why are you having guests over ?
It’s illegal!


You have no further rights to end the tenancy. In fact, the break clause you refer to is almost certainly only useable if all tenants exercise it jointly to end the tenancy for everyone. However, the landlord may not understand that and may be willing to let you go individually. If he has offered you that option, I suggest you take it.

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