Blocked Toilet - Do I have to Pay?

On the 01/01/24 my tenants reported a blocked toilet and asked if they could call someone out. At this stage I agreed that they could arrange for someone to go and have a look as I was unsure what the problem was.The tenants have send me the bill for £305.00. I called the plumber to find out what the problem was but he just confirmed that it was a blockage, but could not tell me the cause. He was all rather vague, but he did say that it was a large blockage which took him a long time to sort. I think that the cause was either too much loo paper, wipes or something similar and don’t feel I would be responsible for paying for this. Could someone give me some advise please.

Thanks in advance.


Was it out of hours emergency? That’s stupid money otherwise. Drain clearing companies like to drag things out.

Was this within your boundary? House or flats? Was blockage inside property or out?

Unless cause is down to plumbing or waste pipework it will almost certainly be down to tenant and they should pay.

Hello Mark, thanks for your reply. Yes it was a BH, but I think the plumber was a bit dodgy too, hence asking really stupid money, in cash from the tenant. There was no problem to the pipework just a clocked toilet, which I agree, feel this was their fault.



I would never pay for a blocked drain or toilet. It didn’t block itself, it was a result of lifestyle choices of people who currentyl live there and use the named toilet. TT are responsible.

Hi Tim,

Thanks for that. Have definitely decided now, that the tenants should now pay, so thanks everyone for your advice.

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What does your tenancy agreement say about what tenants are allowed to put down the toilet?

Why did you agree to let the tenants deal with it? I would always go around myself in the first instance and then if necessary arrange for a plumber myself who reports to me and can identify the cause.

The bill needs contesting.
Typical hour rate plumber: £50.

For a simple blockage I doubt he was there for any more than an hour. (Or needed to be). Was he there 6 hours?! Out of hours premium is reasonable but not this sort of money. He’s trying it on.

What he actually did needs clarifying and how long he was there.

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Did you go along yourself initially ? I had tenant say there was a blockage I had to take the loo out and in the s bend found a plastic air freshener that he had hung over the edge of the loo. I said if it happens again I will charge you . Tradesmen when you are not there can inflate the price . If I have any work done I am ALWAYS there

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I’m afraid that I disputed a blocked toilet once and it went to the adjudicator in the deposit protection scheme as the tenants claimed that they should not pay! They won and I had to pay the bill! :angry:

Adjudicators almost always decide in favour of the TT. If the lost money is worth going to MCOL, I would do it. I’m fed up with injustice that LL have to face.

Was it not that the “plumber” was a “friend” of the tenant and is likely embellishing if not completely fabricating a blockage
May be worth you getting the tradesperson next time

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If you refuse to reimburse the tenant, this is likely to sour the relationship with the tenant. Is it worth it?

Would certainly recommend that you sort your own contractors in future, so you are in control.

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